Trijicon SRS: Epitome of strength and durability

Initially people are apprehensive about Trijicon because it seems to be a huge monster with lots of optics thrown inside it. It is a big mistake because the strength and durability is awesome since the product can withstand rough usage in an impeccable manner. Well if you are think that the design will captivate the imagination, you are in for a big surprise. The product will entice the users by its capabilities such as the 1.75 MOA dot. Optic is true and quite versatile for the users. It has a thick rugged housing that would go a long way in delivering superb performance. Solar panels are imbibed in the Trijicon SRSand they are wrapped in polycarbonate for extreme protection.

The SRS is powered by a lithium battery which has a long standby time although the array of solar panels helps to operate the item when there is light. 1.75 MOA is adjusted according to the brightness surrounding the environment. Even if the battery is removed or dead, it is possible to operate the lens without any hassles. The red dot could be focused on to the target in an easy and hassle free manner.

Weighing at 390 grams, the device is light because of its thin skinned structure. Even rough handling like whacking it around will not make any difference because the product is very durable. The recessed and angled lenses are threaded together for the kill flash on the target. Apart from above, the 7075-T6 aluminum encases the components and is quite rugged. Similarly the polycarbonate housing of the solar panels is very resilient in addition to the rubber recessed buttons. Buttons are quite easy to adjust even if you are wearing the winter gloves. It is a wonderful product that would go a long way in targeting the specific object. Auto brightness attributes of the lenses helps in sighting the target.

User can analyze the circuitry of the Trijicon SRS by seeing the reflection of the lens. Initially people might find flaws in the product; however by using its tools the misconceptions are resolved. The optic when mounted on a gun can work day in and day out without any problem. It helps in the fast acquisition of the target with two eyes open and beats the hell out of the target. In terms of optic, it is one of the most important products that have captivated the imagination of the users.

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