NRA Supports Lawsuit Against Gun Control in Colorado

NRA Supports Lawsuit Against Gun Control in Colorado
Fairfax, Va. – The National Rifle Association is proud to support a lawsuit filed today in federal court by 54 Colorado county sheriffs, the firearms industry trade association, several firearms retailers, individuals with disabilities and other parties which challenges the State of Colorado’s recently enacted gun control laws.

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Colorado: 2013 Session Adjourns After Historic Assault on Your Constitutional Rights
Colorado’s 69th General Assembly adjourned last Wednesday after a historic legislative session.  Unfortunately, the historic actions by majorities in both legislative chambers and Governor John Hickenlooper (D) will severely punish responsible gun owners and sportsmen in the Centennial State.  

Detroit Tigers shop reveals Memorial Day camouflage jersey, cap
Baseball’s camouflage look for Memorial Day (and possibly the Fourth of July) has experienced a change-up for this year, at least according to the Detroit Tigers shop. Fans can purchase the on-field jerseys, caps and other apparel in advance …

Homeowner’s son fights off home invaders, KHOU, Houston, Texas, 05/14/13
A trio of home invaders entered a house in Houston, Texas, forced the homeowner’s son into a closet and ransacked the house. While the criminals were searching for valuables, the son left the closet, retrieved a gun and fired on the intruders, striking one in the leg and neck and causing all to flee. The wounded criminal only made it to a nearby home before collapsing, at which point neighbor Craig Gaddis discovered him and called the police. Following the incident, Gaddis showed support for the young man who was forced to defend himself, telling local media “The owner, thank God for rights, he shot one of ‘em.” Gaddis also addressed the criminal adding, “He got what he deserved… You want to come over here and rob houses? Those of us who carry guns in our houses, they are there for one reason – to keep you people out.” 

Texas: Senate panel OKs campus Right-to-Carry bill
The House passed House Bill 972 from Allen Fletcher, R-Tomball, which would allow concealed carry unless the university opts out every year after talking with students, faculty and staff. The bill then went to the Senate Criminal Justice Committee, where it passed 4-2.

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