Red Dot Sights

4/10/2012 7:50:49 AM Eye relief is unlimited. Decided not to go with any magnifiers on the dot.She is a very entry level shooter. She has an M&P 15/22 and a DPMS Panther Lite in 223/5.56 I have it narrowed down to: VortexStrikeFire Bushnell TRS-25 PA red dot Iron sights I am leaning towards the Red Dot Sight setups because of the ease of teaching her how to shoot with it from a tactical trainning standpoint (put the dot on the target, pull trigger dear). Alright, so feedback is appreciated very much. I need to know which variations of each sight you guys recommend. I.E. if it is a Vortex Strike force, what mount/mount height/tube/magnification/color dot etc…. you guys would go with to put on the gun. There are tons of different models within each model, my head is spinning from all the different setups you can get. She has iron sights on the 10/22, so she has her fundamentals down with those. Any other suggestions are also appreciated. I don’t want to get too crazy, cause it is a $587 AR15 from Walmart. We already have 2 other nice AR’s in the safe + the M&P 15/22 and a night vision upper. aznjunkie

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