Red Dot Sights

1. Ability to mount the entire ring and rail anywhere on the Rifle scope tube (mostly full size scopes). 2. Ability to mount the ring and rail at any angle I needed. 3. The Rifle scope ring rail also had to be short enough not to impede with the Rifle scope adjustments itself, but at that same time give me enough rail versatility to mount a host of small dot sights and IR illuminator devices for numerous mission call outs especially for bolt guns where no rail space exists on most platforms. 4. Lightweight, machined aluminum, hard anodized and able to withstand harsh recoil of firearms and ones bank account! SAR1 = 1.1oz SAR2 = 1.3oz SAR3 = 1.0oz SAR4 = 1.1oz The best part of the newly designed SAR-3P, the retail price of $79.00 WILL NOT CHANGE! If you happen to traveling to the Shot Show in Orlando Florida this January, be sure to take an up close and personal look at the SAR-3P (and TNVC’s MURLM) on some exciting systems aimpoint will be showing at their booth (#9369). The SAR units along with the MURLM will also be displayed at some other very hi-end systems to be announced shortly. If you cannot wait for the Shot Show, Tactical Gun Fan is showing a pretty cool video of the SAR with some live fire sequences as well. SAR VIDEO SAR-3P’s are now available on our web site for immediate ordering. Enjoy the pics below. Thanks all! Vic Di Cosola TNVC

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