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5/15/2011 2:37:44 AM Originally Posted By madcratebuilder: I use M14 style GI rifle slings with QD swivels. http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d37/madcratebuilder/case02.jpg http://i32.photobucket.com/albums/d37/madcratebuilder/65Grendel/MIparts01.jpg This is pretty much what Im looking for. Maybe with some modern buckles for a little more grab. I have a Troy padded rifle sling and do not like it. Find it bulky and cumbersome. Gets in my way more than anything, sure it feels great if Im gonna be walking for a mile single shoulder style. The VCAS looks nice, but they make it seem overly complicated. I have been looking at the Dieters CQD rifle sling and the Galco MIL rifle sling and have been looking for something like the M14 style pictured above, but with better buckles and hook up points. I have the VLTOR EMod stock, and I like the how alot of the “tactical” rifle slings wrap around the buttstock, rather than to a swivel mounted on the side. Any pros or cons to this method as apposed to a swivel? I also have the rifle length Magpul MOErifle sling i have now. I want something that can be used to aid my grip or stance. I have settled on the fact I need a 2 point, have no need for a single or 3 point rifle sling. A 3 point is worthless except for heavy MG’s . But I do appreciate the opinions. Keep them coming, rifle wont be ready for another week or so. So I still have time to decide. I have seen something called the Mamba, if Im not mistaken. It attaches to the front, wraps around the handguard, goes the length of the rifle tot he butt stock and attaches there and wraps around, but also has adjustable strap from front to back for your shoulder. What the hell is up with that? Ill find the link and post it later madcratebuilder

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